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søndag den 1. juni 2008

Talk To Me Pet Tag

Now you can keep your pet safe from being lost and inform anyone who finds your dog with up-to-date information. The Talk to Me Pet Tag plays a recorded personal message from you every time someone pushes the play button.

Simply record your own 20-second message (For example, I am on vacation and I am staying at the Marriott on 123 Main St Phone 333-555-6363.), and slip the unit back on your dog's collar and insert the lock wire loop.

Anyone can then hear your voice message if your dog is lost or missing simply by pushing the play button.The pet tag has a message protection design so that your message can not be erased as long as the Talk To Me Pet Tag is securely fastened to your dog's collar.

You can change your message as often as you like. Update anytime or anywhere and it works with all collars and existing metal tags.

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