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torsdag den 29. maj 2008

The Coolest Cat Flap

Do you have a cat at home, If so I bet it would love its own little door, this is so cool.

The elite cat flap is programable for up to 8 cats, you can deside whoe is alowed to come
and go. With the LCD display you can see wich cats are in and which ones are out.

GPS Dog Tracking System

Does your dog like to run his own way? With the GPS Dog Tracking System, you can easyly find it anywhere.

With this small GPS receiver attached to your dogs collar, you can easy find him, when he leaves a defined area, and tells you via text message or e-mail. You can pinpoint your dogs exact location within 30′. through the online tracking service (12 month subscription required). You can create up to 10 safety zones (5 active simultaneously). Once your dog crosses the boundary, you ar notified via your cell phone or e-mail.

The GPS has a battery life up to 5 days on a 4 hours charge. The retail price is $199.95. The monthly subscription is $14.95. But you will always know where your dog is.